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Our journey so far...

We’re embarking on not only a linear journey, but a mission! Our vision is simple, to provide an outstanding service throughout all stages of the sales process and beyond to then deliver a used car product unparalleled in the market today. Lets us share with you our exciting journey thus far…

We absolutely love cars! It’s always been about those shiny metal boxes that captivated a special place in our hearts. There’s a special kind of magic that only a car can induce, be it the aesthetics a vehicle, the rumble of an exhaust on tick over or just their ability to take us from point A to point B.

The passion we garner from automobiles energizes us to source and recondition some of the best vehicles on the market at a myriad of price points. It is the ethos of purchase/recondition/resell that we have structures our business around.

It’s also about the people, not just the vehicles! Building strong relationships with our suppliers and customers while focusing on the individual needs of the client has allowed us to build a successful business that enjoys the benefits of return custom and long-lasting relationships.

Understanding our past helps us inform the direction of our future


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    From humble beginnings

    Born from a passion for cars spanning back over two decades, our history starts with performance and show cars modification and restoration projects in the early 00’s. Magazine features to showing in some of the best national shows in the country cemented the course of Bolivar Booth in the automotive sector

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    Registered office & limited company

    The York central office was established to deal with the administrative duties of the business while keeping the workshop and vehicle storage as separated facilities. The company transitioned towards becoming a registered limited company in early 2022

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    New Storage Facility

    Acquisition of Rufforth Storage facility separate from the registered office provided us with a secure and peaceful place to show and demonstrate our vehicle inventory away from the bustle of the city centre office location.

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    New Website launch

    Launch of our new website although still undergoing construction, provides the perfect online canvas for our current stock. We plan to incorporate online payments and nationwide vehicle delivery service within the immediate future

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